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Looking for the best VPS hosting available? Well I’ve contacted over 20 web hosting companies to determine which hardware they use. Here are the best VPS for the cheapest price!
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► A2 Hosting ➜ (Best Unmanaged)
► Cloudways FREE Trial ➜
Finding the best VPS hosting is tricky, because web hosting providers ARE EXTREMELY BAD AT DISCLOSING what type of hardware they use to run the virtual private servers. You get some surface level information and it’s hard to determine which provider offers the best VPS hosting. However, for your convenience I’ve spent my time contacting and figuring out everything there is to know about different VPS providers and the hardware that they’re using. So here are my picks for the best VPS hosting!
A2 Hosting – Unmanaged

A2 Hosting is offering the best VPS hosting when it comes to cheap and unmanaged services. for just a month you’ll be able to use the VPS and have full root access, SSH access and a dedicated IP address.

The A2 Hosting VPS plans are modular, that means for an extra cost you can add more storage, cores, RAM, select your data centers, choose to have cPanel installed. Basically you can build the best VPS hosting for you.

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ScalaHosting – Managed

ScalaHosting is offering plans that start at just a month. While this might seem high, keep in mind that this is a MANAGED service. They give you the interface and the control panel to set up, control and modify your server without the need of external connections and code commands.

ScalaHosting is specializing in VPS hosting and at the moment they’re offering one of the best VPS hosting services on the market, compared to the prices that they’re charging.

Of course ScalaHosting also allows you to choose and modify your plans so you can craft the best VPS hosting for your particular needs. In my opinion, people who are new to VPS hosting should try this service out first as it’s by far the cheapest, easiest to use and powerful solution that’s available on the market in 2020.

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Cloudways – Managed

Obviously at the very top of the VPS chain are the biggest providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean and other VPS specific companies. However, they’re not really beginner friendly. While offering quite powerful performance and stable uptime, these “best VPS hosting” providers don’t really offer much in terms of usability and user friendly features. In most cases, you don’t even get access to support if something goes wrong.

That’s why I recommend that people who are new to VPS hosting and they’re looking for something that’s more user friendly use Cloudways. Cloudways takes the services from the best VPS hosting providers and slaps their own control panel on it. Plus they give you access to 24/7 support and other helpful features.

The way Cloudways works is they buy the VPS hosting from the top VPS hosting companies, set it all up for you and give you the tool necessary for you to control and modify everything yourself.

► Cloudways FREE Trial ➜

If you’ve used VPS before and you know what you’re doing, you just need a cheap server to test your project on, I recommend you go with the unmanaged service that A2 Hosting is offering.

However, if you’re new to VPS or just want to save yourself a lot of time and headache I recommend you go with a managed service that Cloudways or Scalahosting is offering. Based on which control panel you like better.

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

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