Why do I need VPS Hosting? Virtual Private Servers

A server is a computer that stores innumerable website files. With shared hosting, you rent a portion of the server shared with others, while with dedicated hosting, you rent an entire physical server dedicated to your site. Here is where Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting comes to work, as it combines these hosting services. The virtual server extracts information from multiple shared servers but is entirely private, acting as a dedicated server.

Using VPS Hosting boosts the functionality of your entire website and also adheres to higher security standards. It provides you with an increased level of customization and access to server resources. As compared to dedicated servers, VPS hosting is more affordable, providing some of the same levels of functionality menu. All of these detailed benefits of VPS Hosting are stated below.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

Every website is created for business purposes; hence running them on high performance becomes imperative. The quality of the web servers plays a vital role in enhancing the functions of your website. A slow server can annoy your audience and force them to leave your site. It can have a drastic effect on the User Experience (UX) and decrease the conversion rate.

There are several options available for web hosting, managed VPS Hosting being one of the powerful forms of it. The word private in Virtual Private Servers states that your virtual server is reserved only for you. Many businesses opt for VPS Hosting as it has proven to improve user engagement on their websites. Due to technological advancements, almost everyone runs their business over the internet to increase their network and customer base, making it essential to have a managed VPS Hosting.

Increased Performance

In a shared hosting plan, several users use the same server as that of your business; hence the effectiveness and performance of the site can be dependent on one another. For instance, if a website or page on your shared server receives high traffic or high user engagement, it can slow down yours and every other site on the shared server.

VPS Hosting ensures that your business operates independently from the others and that only you control what affects your website. You are individually allocated with bandwidth, a 99.9 uptime guarantee, and better network connectivity.


Your website security is at stake when you use shared web hosting, as several users function on the same server. Hackers can infect your websites and affect your business with you being completely unaware. A shared hosting environment does not get covered under warranty, always keeping you at a high level of risk.

VPS Hosting provides you with independent VPS servers. The other users cannot have access to your resources, and the security of your website is entirely dependent on your control. You can also consider putting up firewalls for added security. A VPS hosting provides the benefits of a dedicated server at a lesser price.

Ultra-Fast, Datacentre Grade SSD Storage

Shared servers provide single storage for all the users of the shared hosting. It is a storage system used by multiple users/computers. This can limit your access to independent storage and slow down the performance of the website. These are also at a higher risk for data loss.

Through VPS Hosting, your applications are provided with a dedicated environment that can be accessed only by you, isolating your storage options from other users. This hosting gives you access to reliable and safe ultra-fast, datacentre-grade SSD storage that allows you to store several files and applications without affecting the performance of your website and business service.

Greater Flexibility and Control

Flexibility is limited in shared hosting as many users share the same bandwidth, disk space, memory, etc. If you wish to install custom software for your websites, your chances are minimal if you use shared hosting. Even for upgrades, you have to wait until the host installs them. You cannot controlthe OS or software that runs on it. 

If you want to be in charge of the operating systems but cannot afford dedicated hosting, opt for VPS hosting service. Through this, you will still be sharing the server, but each user is given a specified set of resources. It gives you greater control over server access and customization. It also gives you the freedom to choose the type of software you’d like to install.

Virtual Private Server Australia

Australia is a hub for many online users and a place with several hosting experts. With the vast pool of users online, protecting the data of each website is crucial. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides this secured server environment at an affordable price.

There are many Virtual Private Servers that provide easy-to-use control panel features and services through VPS Hosting. Using this hosting gives you access to a bigger server; thus, scaling up is just a few clicks away using the VPS control panel. Australia also has several VPS hosting providers that quickly set up firewall configurations for additional security and provides 24x7x365 support. All of these details related to application support will be mentioned in the service level agreement.

There are robust data centers across different locations in Australia; you can pick the one that suits your needs and opt for a VPS Hosting plan. They help you set up a separate server on the same shared hosting server, giving a boost in the performance of your website. Understanding VPS Hosting plans better will help you understand how it is beneficial for your business. Here is how VPS Hosting works.

How Do Virtual Private Servers Work?

Virtual Walls

VPS Hosting uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers that are independent of each other. The hosting provider installs a virtual layer on top of the operating system that divides the server into different compartments with virtual walls. This is done using virtualization technology. 

Private Server

The virtual walls create a private VPS server from the others that enables each user to install their operating system and software. These walls provide an environment like a dedicated server to its user on its shared hosting. You face no risk on your website due to functionality issues of other user’s websites. It enhances your data protection and allows you to perform more accessible server backups.

Virtualization Technology

Using virtualization technology through VPS Hosting on a virtual machine, you can have a secured server with several RAMs, unmetered bandwidth, and the freedom to operate your virtual compartment the way you want to. It partitions the shared server giving the user the control over customizing and installing the software of their choice in its separate virtual compartment.

Virtual Private Server Hosting enhances the performance of your entire website and web services, provides your audience with a seamless experience online, in turn building the profit of your company.